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Jim is your business—tech ambassador with the proven experience, effective communication skills, and well-rounded education to help you conquer complexity, embrace change, & create transformational results...
Discover the services of Jim Kavalaris — an MBA & Masters-degreed Engineer, dynamic speaker, prolific writer, and quantitative “guru” with two decades of experience helping a diverse spectrum of organizations achieve their missions. In today's worldwide environment where change is an ever-present reality, forward-looking enterprises are generating measurable success in spicing-up their teams with distinctive talents like Jim — experienced and ready to handle today; while still quick, lifelong learners and idea generators for tomorrow. Jim can help you to build inter-departmental trust, to represent the voice of the customer, and to create actionable insight with models that transform raw data into valuable information.

As you will read below and throughout this website, Jim's proven track-record in technology and business, his diversity of key experience in leadership and individual-contributor roles in both the public- and private-sectors, and his belief in the big picture perspective helps you, your teams, and your organization to avoid the risks of adverse, unintended consequences that can often appear when otherwise using experts whose recommendations, as per their one specialty, eventually produce sub-optimal results when viewed from the perspective of your entire “enterprise” – i.e., your large-scale project or organization – as a whole.

Proven Results in Challenging Environments:

Jim is a marketer of ideas, a negotiator, and a self-taught e-commerce & open-source software guru who can easily discuss details when communicating with technical experts, but who is also experienced and effective at communicating complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It is often said that Jim's unique ability to “bridge the gaps” between technology and business groups makes him a key resource for decision-makers in creating long-term value since this is a great way to reduce conflict, eliminate errors and improve the probability that that investors, suppliers, developers, and end-users are all on the same page with the customer — a must for any organizations' long-term survival and effectiveness.

Jim is most recognized for his pioneering market research and management-level consulting to Federal, state, private-sector, and other leaders in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Vehicle Telematics, and Public Safety industries; especially, as it relates to institutional planning, funding, technology selection and procurement, system user requirements, and project jurisdictional issues identification and resolution.

In this complex environment, projects regularly span multiple departments, agencies, and counterpart organizations across jurisdictional (often state) lines, and require the cooperation of both elected officials, career professionals, and multiple private-sector consulting teams. This is important because it tested Jim's ability to write, to speak, to put clients at ease, and to be equally comfortable with “big picture” issues as well as critical details such as design, timing, and budget. It also demonstrates Jim's success due to his awareness that the best strategies for enabling organizations to blossom are when a leader can create context for issues by expressing how each piece of a project will ultimately align with and contribute to their stakeholder organizations' “bottom lines” — i.e., their ability to deliver improved levels-of-service or increased customer satisfaction at reduced cost — and with their people who are key to implementation.

Jim regularly led and facilitated many such successful working groups with members from up to 24 agencies at any given time. In each case, his employer company was contracted by either a lead agency or a consortium with identified needs, but of the type that required additional partner entities to not only be “on board” for long-term success, but to jointly develop and agree to multi-year action plans that in many cases required them to be willing to either initiate shared project funding or to expand shared funding related to multi-year, multi-million dollar projects that any one organization could not immediately afford, or ever afford, to fund on their own. This included multiple regional public safety call-centers, dispatch facilities, and roadway incident response / transportation operations centers, as well as projects related to enhanced infrastructure asset management systems, streamlined commercial vehicle permitting and truck enforcement programs, electronic toll collection, route guidance/incident management, transit, and the planning, design, & development of advanced traffic management systems for surface transportation.

Jim is published in Europe and in the United States and is is recognized via his work being referenced in documents such as A Governors' Guide to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), among others.

Jim has also prepared and delivered top-notch public presentations at many high-profile events ranging in size from local service organization gatherings, such as meetings of the Optimist Club and the Rotary Club, to national and international trade-shows and conferences with thousands of attendees, such as the Annual Meetings of the National Academy of Sciences' Transportation Research Board, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, and SCF Securities / SCF Investment Advisors, Inc. (a Registered Investment Advisor firm), among others. At each gathering, Jim received many complements & generated measurable positive goodwill for both his employer, their products, and the sponsoring organization.

Expert at the Intersection of Business and Technology Opportunity:

But that's not all. His proven experience extends beyond successfully bringing competing interests together and being an effective communicator among a diversity of people, titles, and organizations.

Jim's positive impact has also been felt as a product development person and project manager in areas ranging from financial services to software, and within the not-for-profit sector via service organization leadership, related board of directors' membership, and community volunteerism.

Furthermore, Jim develops detailed Excel® forecasting models; including, those based on advanced techniques known as “Monte Carlo Simulation” so that decision-makers can better understand the probability of realizing different outcome levels from each said model. He has programmed securities trading models based upon both proprietary- and publically-available software such as TradeStation®. And, Jim has tested & developed marketing surveys; analyzed customer lists for ”at risk” accounts based on recency, frequency, & magnitude; and has worked with map, census, and demographic/psycographic data in order to drive revenue by developing a systematic process for correlating characteristics of a firm's existing “most valuable” customers in order to determine higher-probability locations to “target-market” & generate new customer leads of people similar enough so as to buy like the firm's current top customers.

Jim invites you to explore this site to better understand and envision how he can fit-in with your team, can “hit the ground running” / contribute from day #1, and can help you and your organization achieve your next level of success. While you are sitting there reading this page, remember that you want someone who can evolve as times evolve, who has proven experience, and who can mitigate inevitable unpredictability with his passion for learning at a rate faster than many of the challenges you will face. Thus, creating a competitive advantage for you, which better enables you to both survive & thrive in today's evolving world.

He is a passionate believer in the sweet spot that is found at the intersection of design artistry, smart business processes and hard core quantitative analysis. If you need a specialist with experience in both planning & implementation, including aspects of design, useability, operations, and public relations, or one who can fluently speak the language of software, finance, and marketing, then you need to speak with Jim.

Start your discovery now and view Jim's publications, his references, his multi-sector experience, and his various awards for excellence. He can both document cross-jurisdictional process requirements and facilitate consensus-building among a diversity of competing high-level policymakers; he is comfortable discussing operations, marketing, and finance issues with collegaues; and he is a student & evangelist of systems-oriented solutions.
Education, Experience, and Attitude form the foundation of Jim's Excellence...
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