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  • “Jim possesses excellent communications skills...[and]...has excellent customer relations skills. The customer knows that when [Jim] provides them with information that...[it's]...accurate and the result of detailed examination. He has developed numerous...surveys...[and] very effective in leading working groups meeting to define functional requirements. Jim displayed great initiative in leading the initial engineering design for the...ITS Demonstration Project...[and]...the Long-Range Strategic Plan for the [award-winning] TRIMARC project. Particularly noteworthy was his...cost-benefit analysis for this project.”
    — G.D., Dir. of Business Development
  • Jim is a very good verbal communicator.... [He] interfaces directly with our customers and is highly regarded by those customers, largely due to his ability to communicate with them. His presentations are thorough, clear, and logical. Part of being a good communicator is being a good listener and Jim excels in this area. Jim is very good about listening to the customer's needs and questioning the customer until he fully understands the customer's views. Like his presentations, his writing is thorough & logical.”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
  • Jim delivers exceptional presentations. [He] is often called on to present briefings to customers...and often works alone with the customer which indicates management's confidence in this area.... Jim goes out of his way to foster teamwork among customer[s] well as...sub-contractor personnel. Jim does a very good job of disseminating information to teammates that helps the team work cohesively toward developing quality products.... He also is very good at questioning peers and customers to understand their needs while truly listening to their responses.... He consistently respects the customer's position as customer and [our] need to respond to the customer.”
    — B.B., Sr. Program Review Authority
  • “Mr. Kavalaris is an outstanding performer.... He possesses...comprehensive technical knowledge.... He provides invaluable insight.... He is always respectful of the customer and sensitive to their needs and concerns.... He builds solid relationships based on mutual trust and respect.”
    — G.D., Dir. of Business Development
  • [Jim Kavalaris] applies solid engineering practices to develop innovative approaches in solving... problems and requires little or no supervision in performing these tasks. Jim is very good at working with people. He is very attentive to customers comments while humbly providing guidance on technical issues. Jim takes extra effort to place others at ease while in his presence and by doing so opens communications that would not exist without the effort.”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
  • Jim is unruffled by the day-to-day stresses and handles the really trying times better than most.... [He] has continued to make outstanding contributions to the...organization. He demonstrated leadership capabilities.... The document he produced was so well received that TRW was tasked with additional work to develop an integrated control center concept.”
    — B.L., Senior Program Manager
  • Jim has demonstrated his ability to establish and maintain budgets. As the assistant program manager [he] delivered a product the customer was especially pleased with and did it well below his established FFP [(firm, fixed-price)] budget. This resulted in a substantial profit to the company.”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
  • “Jim consistently performs above expectations. Jim is always ready to take on a new task and applies whatever effort is required to get the job done. Jim has also expanded his knowledge base beyond his formal education...making [him] much more valuable to the organization.”
    — B.B., Sr. Program Review Authority
  • Jim is known for his strong initiative. A word of all that is required to start Jim running with an issue.... Jim is always looking for ways to keep his customer satisfied and yet tempers this drive with the understanding of the contract scope....”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
  • Jim has also demonstrated strong leadership skills and has become an accomplished facilitator in directing consensus on...projects within diverse groups of stake-holders among the customers. Jim is exceptional in handling relationships.... [Jim] exhibits the highest respect for fellow employees and team members, recognizing the importance and contributions of everyone. Jim is a very hard worker who always gets the job done.... [He] met the deadlines and kept his customer satisfied.”
    — B.B., Sr. Program Review Authority
  • Jim's...analysis skills are outstanding. He understands the importance and the application of the system engineering process. Jim is very good at identifying the key requirements, identifying issues associated with the engineering problem, investigating potential solutions, and in conducting technical trade-offs to select the best alternative. This is a lifestyle for Jim, not just a function on his job.”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
  • The research performed by Jim on the [proposal] enabled TRW to show a superior understanding of the region such that TRW overwhelmed the competition and was awarded the contract.”
    — B.L., Senior Program Manager
  • ...Jim's analysis have been very well received by our customers and have formed the basis for continuing TRW work and use as the action plan for the agencies. The documentation he has developed for...customers have been highly effective in conveying the analysis...performed and the documents have been requested by other agencies.”
    — B.B., Sr. Program Review Authority
  • “Jim is very well organized, thorough and meticulous in whatever he does. He is an excellent analyst who keeps probing until he is confident that he has the information necessary to make a sound decision....He is not reluctant to raise questions, discuss options or point out inaccuracies in the progress of a project. Jim is an invaluable asset....he provides invaluable insight...[and] has played a critical role in the success of Transportation Systems.... Jim possesses excellent communications skills.”
    — G.D., Dir. of Business Development
  • “Although Jim is not tasked directly with business development he has helped considerably in this area due to his ability to interact with the customer and his alertness to business opportunities. Jim exhibits the highest respect for fellow employees and team members, recognizing the importance and contributions of everyone. Jim is exceptional in handling relationships with peers and supervisors alike.”
    — F.Z., Senior Program Manager
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