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    • Vendor approvals, open-source software evaluations, and significant systems integration in preparation of new product line launch for Select-Me Media, LLC
    • Developed a roadway transportation network “sketch-planning” macro-simulation model to estimate per-segment level-of-service and environmental benefits for various intelligent transportation system project alternatives. This enabled us to generate a phased list of deployment projects, of various intensities, that maximized system continuity while minimizing technology installations along low cost/benefit segments in the years prior to when projected benefit estimates warranted more intense solutions*.
    • Various applied Technology Assessments and ATMS Element Test Procedures*
      - for public safety programs in San Diego, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; and elsewhere
    • Content management system for a web portal that required custom-written modules to provide specific access controls for client-specified page presentation and editing functionalities
    • Custom written PHP/HTML module to enable cross-domain consolidated document search for a parish website
    • Reverse engineering of various PHP-based open source projects to provide client-requested functionality, including a jQuery-based user interface, that was not yet available "out of the box"
    • Various procurement specifications and video wall functional requirements*
      - for Austin, Texas Regional Emergency Dispatch & Traffic Management Center
    • System documentation and support materials for incident management personnel*
      - for new system deployments in Cincinnati, OH and San Francisco, CA


    • Media kits, press-releases, e-commerce websites, and all marketing strategy from concept to launch for new brand associated with Select-Me Media, LLC.
    • Redevelopment of the websites &, among others, and development of a plan to unify these sites under the branding: NN7.Us — “New News, 7 days a week, for Us!” so that they could be better able to present a consolidated advertising inventory to sponsorship buyers.
    • A full-color business-to-busines marketing brochure and multiple PowerPoint presentations for B2B partners of Regal Correspondent Services (Chicago, IL)
    • Developed marketing plans, including websites with e-commerce capabilities, for special events in Chicago, IL; Lansing, MI; Nashville, TN; and Boston, MA.
    • Coordinated creation of tradeshow materials/booth for Regal Advisory Services (Chicago, IL) shows in Denver, CO; New Orleans, LA; and greater Las Vegas, NV.

Finance- and Policy-Related:

    • Toll Road: Privatization of the American Highway
      - Internal Research, Purdue MBA
    • The Federal Role in Developing a High Speed Rail / Maglev System Within the USA
      - Report for American Society of Civil Engineers (Presented at Brookings Institute)
    • The Commercial Potential of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags
      - Internal Research, Purdue MBA


    • Intelligent Transportation System Operational Evaluation and Training Plans*
      - for new deployments in Louisville, KY / Southern Indiana
    • At-Grade Rail Crossing Information Project Conceptual Plan*
      - for Toledo/Lucas County, OH Port Authority
    • Revised method for creating reports in response to roadway safety inquiries
      - for Road Commission of Macomb County / County Road Assoc. of Michigan
    • Multiple Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Early Deployment Action Plans; including cross-jurisdictional consensus-building and User Services visionings*
      - Cleveland, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; Toledo, OH; Lexington, KY; and Louisville, KY
    • Decision-support survey development and ITS integration scenario analysis*
      - for clients in Indianapolis, IN, Dayton, OH, and Northern Virginia (D.C. area)

*Work performed while employed as a Systems Engineer III Leader / Management Consultant at TRW Inc.

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