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Strong Formal Education

Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Purdue University
  • Top 5% of Class
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
  • Concentrations in Finance & Strategy (full-time MBA)
  • Also Earned Certificates in E-Commerce and Innovation
  • Vice-President, Investment Banking / Venture Capital Club
  • Worked 2-yrs at Purdue/Ntl.Science Foundation Technology Transfer Initiative
    (early-stage market analysis w/PhDs seeking to commercialize new discoveries)
Masters of Science, Civil Engineering (MSCE), Purdue University
  • Concentrations in Infrastructure Operations and New Technology Concerns
  • Also learned from co-founder of Purdue's Center for Customer-Driven Quality in the Dept. of Consumer Sciences and Retailing (thesis committee member).
  • National Finalist, Best Transportation Thesis in U.S.A.
    (Council of University Transportation Centers)
  • President, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Purdue Chapter
Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering (BSCE), Michigan St. University
  • Concentrations in Urban Transportation Planning, Operations & Forecasting
  • President, Chi Epsilon Engineering Honor Society (MSU Chapter)
  • Attended top-ranked WISE Program (9-wks in Washington, D.C.) learning how to navigate regulatory and legislative processes re: technology & public policy.
  • Professional Institute Certificate (Transportation Modeling & Simulation)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Solid Experience in Software — an Engine of Today's Better Businesses

Jim is fluent in PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript / jQuery, AJAX, SOAP (including, “Software as a Service” – SaaS, web-services, and client/server software-related items). He also has a strong awareness of PCI compliance issues; website content management systems; professional Voice Over IP (VoIP); web design usability and user interaction best practices; online video; copywriting; analytics; search engine optimization and and “pay per click” (PPC) advertising, including items such as Google's AdWords and AdSense, Commission Junction (banner ads), and Kontera (in-content ads); Credit card processing/ merchant accounts; micro-stock photo & audio/video clip networks; RSS feeds; blogs; DNS; and more; which all helps you via deeper insight into what's driving business change. Jim has even dug into various open source software packages to make special adjustments for meeting the business requirements of clients. And, of course, he is extremely comfortable with popular analysis, presentation, and business productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Visio, and Skype, among others, as well as advanced data modeling tools such and those found in Excel “solver” and plug-ins for Monte Carlo simulation analysis.

Why is this important to you? Because the above are tools, techniques and technologies that are now changing the environment of business — its cost structures, revenue sources, potential profitability levels, barriers to entry, means of communications, and means of tracking spend efficiencies and effectiveness — in ways that were until now either impossible or only available to the biggest and best capitalized firms.

Remember, the best leaders have hands-on experience & knowledge of the subject matter and/or industry for which they're leading — i.e., they are equally comfortable at the “5,000-foot” level and the “50-foot” level when discussing issues. Jim's software development experience brings you insights for better extracting value & communicating software-related business risk/opportunity, cash-flow implications, and marketing and customer-service issues associated with leveraging appropriate software, system architectures, and other tools for business gain. Finally, you can now grow to places where only the ‘big firms’ used to play!

P.S. Want to know some trivia? Earlier-in-life, some of Jim's formal software training included his being the youngest person to ever take “computer classes” for college credit at his local community college (Jim was still in junior high school at the time). And, he programmed a software arcade game that won a local contest and was later available for sale within a national Radio Shack® “Software Sourcebook” catalog.
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Practical Continuing Education

But wait, there's more! Jim explores at least nineteen specialty trade journals each month from a diversity of industries and enterprise functional areas. This effort is valuable to you because Jim's systematic approach to maintaining broad perspective helps in that it generates a higher probability that he will uncover new concepts that can provide additional competitive advantages for your organization. This is especially true because new or existing processes, procedures, software systems, and/or management techniques in one industry or functional area are often not necessarily widely recognized by those in-the-know as being similarly applicable to issues in other functional areas. Quite simply, this practical reading by Jim helps your team to more quickly gain access to ideas that, when combined with your expertise, yield a powerful means of “cross pollinating” concepts from those in a wider range of industries and functional silos whom often aren't even aware that they have workable solutions to help whatever challenges you. Within this environment and Jim, you and your team can now be in a position to better discover breakthrough insights to your heretofore complex problems. And, if your competition has similar problems, having early exposure to these “new” ideas can help you to increase the probability that your organization will gain an achievable and sustainable competitive advantage over your competition!

This reading also provides valuable insight towards solving the frequent mis-alignment of business objectives, understandings, and flat-out gaps in perspective between different functional groups within the same company. For example, the recent “buzz” about distributed “cloud computing” is presented in IT magazines as one of the greatest opportunities in recent years for cost savings and other efficiencies — issues at the forefront of today's CIOs who are facing continued cuts in capital and operational budgets, while software vendors demand ever higher annual licence fees. This would seem to be a great place for CIOs and CEOs to be on the same page. However, when reading trade-journals directed at CFOs, discussions about “cloud computing” instead focus on how its adoption (if any) should be approached very slowly because (from their perspective) this distributed way of computing is perceived as currently lacking auditable software security standards or sufficient flexibility such that the enterprise could be exposed to unmanageable risk from vendor lock-in, offsite data leaks, or privacy concerns — issues at the forefront of mainline CFOs; especially, with the prevalence of credit card data breaches and identity theft. So while one department is saying one thing and the other department is saying another thing (resulting in institutional gridlock), who should the CEO trust and/or listen to if persons on their own executive decision team can't provide each other with a deeper understanding and appreciation of how the technical and business issues relate to each other when making various “buy” or “no-buy” decisions (e.g., “yes” or “no” with this new method of computing, etc.)? Again, Jim helps you here because his background enables him to better relate to different functional groups and to be the mediator and communication conduit that bridges the frequent gap between those whom are only comfortable when otherwise dealing with either only the technical world or only the business world. Thus, Jim helps to bring more harmony to your organization, which eventually helps to bring more dollars to your bottom line.
To further enable Jim to better fuse information, generate insight, and continue to help you gain from the most recent ideas in industry, Jim also regularly attends key marketing, technology, and retail seminars at places that attract amazing speakers from a diversity of business, government, e-commerce, financial services, and information technology backgrounds. You'll benefit from his networking and interactions with C-level executives, entrepreneurs, trade-show exhibitors, and grass-roots researchers. A sample of these many events and/or their sponsoring organizations include:
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